Why Conserve Species?

So why do we conserve wildlife species? It is a question that is often asked, especially when conservation priorities are being determined. There are all the obvious reasons such as, they are in decline, they have a role to play in our ecosystem or they have a benefit us in some way. However, must we nearly always justify their existence and conservation only in terms of what they can do for humans? Unfortunately and only too often this is a resounding yes.

What about the argument that is so simple. We should conserve species because they are, like all other organisms, part of our astonishing, rich biosphere. All species are part of the global ecosystem, each with a part to play in the world’s incredible evolution and survival.

Whether we conserve and study a species for professional, biological or ecological reasons, wildlife is just another facet of the amazing natural world. We can marvel and try to understand each living organism just because they are. So really the answer to that all important question, why conserve species is; just because they are all amazing and just because.

White Rhino in Africa


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