What will you do this summer??

This week has been a hectic week for many of our projects! And also for the staff at HQ. Spring we thought was here but now we aren’t so sure!!! But nevertheless summer is upon us and the best thing about summer is the chance to go and do something different! This week more people have booked onto our volunteer projects in South Africa and we are in the process of updating our exciting tours/safaris in Malawi and Tanzania to make them even more amazing!!

This weeks news round up:

Congrats to Katie and Joe who managed this project and who started up the research project on these wonderful animals. It is exciting times for everyone involved to see these little guys grow up and monitor them.

  • The rains have been pouing down in Malawi, but that has not stopped our amazing tour guide Mike from getting the vehicle from place to place. Guests even said it made their trips even more fun, skidding around in a van!!! However, they did get many days of glorious sunshine and even supplied us with a stunning picture of the lake at sunset. http://www.bluelizardadventures.com/explore/malawi/explore_malawi.html

As promised we will indeed be introducing you to our very own little ferret family………… Read the next blog to find out about our kids!!!

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