Welcome to the start!!

Welcome to Blue Lizard Adventures first blog! So we have final decided it would a good idea to keep our friends old and new what we are up to, whats going on with our volunteer projects, stories from our travels, tours and safaris and news from around the world. In addition, here at HQ we have our own little story, our 5 ferrets!! We will start their story next week by firstly introducing them and then following the trail and tribulations of being a ferret!! They are lovable and fantastically funny.
But a first a little story about how Blue Lizard Adventures came about and what our aims are:
Blue Lizard Adventures was born through a love for the planet, a lust to travel and a desire to make a difference. In the beginning, many moons again after a gruelling 4 years at university Rebecca decided a change was in order, a long term dream needed to be followed. The ambition took her to many places and through many projects. It was these life changing experiences that made Rebecca want to offer and share these with others.
 The moment of clarity and the full company idea came whilst watching a blue tailed lizard moving and hopping amount the rocks trying to catch the last drips of sunlight on the plains in South Africa. This lizard was extremely patient and seemed to listen intently. That little guy was the first to hear about the plans and he fast became the symbol of inspiration.
We are a family run business with a passion for travel, conservation and people. We know all of our projects personally and members of the teams have been volunteers at each one. Therefore, we can offer first hand honest advice on which project would suit you. In addition, we offer so fantastic tours, safaris and travelling experiences. We would love to say we have been on each one, but alas we have not. However, we are personal friends of the tour guides and have all known each other a long time.
Our aims are:
  • Provide affordable and valuable experiences to people of all ages and walks of life.
  • Work with smaller projects and companies, to support local communities and business.
  •   Provide a real and unique insight into the host country, its people and culture
  •   Make a lasting contribution to the long term welfare of the host country and the prosperity of its people.
  •  Inspire and motivate to change perspectives and make a difference.
  •  Bring conservation into the forefront of peoples thoughts.
  • Promote responsible travel and sustainability both as a business and through the clients.
  • Increase awareness and support meaningful business.
  •  Deliver a unique, uncompromised, personal and down to earth service, with the highest quality of customer relations.
Well that’s that bit over now we can get down to the fun stuff and provide you will lots of pictures and stories from around the world and also from our own back garden.

 Bye for now

The Blue Lizard Adventures Team

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