Volunteering: The Basics

Volunteer Africa

Why Volunteer?
Volunteering is a rapidly growing market with a huge array of choice. Look carefully into organisations, ask questions and then match these to your own expectations and what you want to gain from the experience.
Volunteering can provide life changing experiences. You can share your skills, energy and enthusiasm. There are opportunities to educate and inspire others and give a little bit of you. Additionally, as a volunteer you will also learn new skills, gain practical experience to enhance your CV, learn about other cultures and conservation. Volunteering also allows you to achieve personal or career orientated goals and acquire work experience. It is also a good time for personal reflection, growth and gain confidence, as well as making friends and contacts around the globe.
Anyone from any background can volunteer. There is no upper age limit however; volunteers must be 18 or over.  No specific skills are required as many volunteer projects provide training within the first few days. Types of volunteers:

  •  Gap year students
  •  People on a career break
  • Solo/family/groups
  • Work experience students
  • Working professional
  • Mature volunteers who want to do something different
  • Holiday makers looking for something different to the norm.

Unlike paid employment, volunteering provides a more flexible schedule and varying time commitments. Volunteers can choose a volunteer placement for 1 week at our Bush School and Wildlife Orphanage to 6 months at our Wilderness Conservation and Wildlife Research Project.

Make a difference 
Volunteering is also your opportunity make a difference by contributing to worthwhile causes, projects and underprivileged communities that are in desperate need of support.
Volunteer project, charities and NGOs work tirelessly to confront issues such as habitat destruction, poverty, disease, illegal wildlife trade and persecution and environmental and personal abuse. Many of these projects rely on the support of volunteers from both abroad and within their borders. Your contribution could help to provide an education for local communities, restore habitats to their former condition, rehabilitate and/or release wildlife and give our planet a chance. While you won’t be able to change the world in one swift move, volunteer contributions make an incredible difference making much of the work of these projects, charities and NGOs possible. In return you get an extremely rewarding experience.
Volunteers with children from local school in Africa
Why Pay to Volunteer?
African-based support initiatives are few and far between and those that are available are highly sort after. Therefore, where and how do committed projects get their money from to carry out their work? This is also true for many of the countries around the world.
The Vervet Monkey Rehabilitation and Wildlife Care Farm in South Africa would not be able to care feed and rehabilitate the high numbers of animals at their farm, if it was not for volunteers. Scientific research which contributes to the future management plans for entire ecosystems like the work done at our Lion Ecology and Monitoring programmes, would not achieve such exceptional results without volunteers contributing their time and money in assisting this project. Likewise, with all of our wildlife and environmental conservation projects, the expansion and maintenance of enclosures, the endless habitat restoration and preservation, the feeding of animals, the veterinary drugs and staff salaries of researchers, local workers, project staff and vets would not be possible without the monetary support we receive through volunteers.
Once on site, volunteers are welcome to spend their personal money on extra activities and souvenirs of their trip, however, you can be reassured that your basic living, food and utility costs are taken care of. Blue Lizard Adventures hand picks all our volunteer projects and eco-tours, therefore both Blue Lizard Adventures and our volunteers can be confident that their work is making a difference and changing lives of the people, communities, wildlife and the environment. 
Break down of Volunteer Costs:
85-90% goes directly to ground operations at the volunteer project or eco-tour. The reminder 10-15% goes to Blue Lizard Adventures to cover marketing and overhead expenses to further raise awareness for wildlife and environmental conservation issues.
Project Fees Include:
·         Transfers to the projects from the closest town or airport, unless stated on the additional information section on the volunteer project sections.
·         Full board and lodgings (includes all meals whilst at the project)
·         Project training when required
·         Support from Blue Lizard Adventures staff throughout your journey, from enquiry to returning home.
Volunteer with vervet monkey Africa
Volunteer with caracal Namibia
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