South Africa

Why not do something different with your holiday this year and join one of our fantastic volunteer projects in South Africa.

Bush School and Wildlife Orphanage

The bush school provides a valuable opportunity for local children to discover and learn about wildlife, the environment, conservation and their heritage. The main emphasis of this project is on the educating the children through a medium of a wildlife orphanage. As a volunteer you will be assisting with this education, through group teaching sessions, one to ones, games, camp maintenance and practical sessions. The bush school has a profound impact of the children who visit, many of which want to return. This is a fantastic project for those who want to make a difference both to children and to orphaned animals.

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FGASA Level 1 Field Guide Training

Volunteers with Blue Lizard Adventures, who want further their understanding and knowledge of the African bush, will find our FGASA-based courses for theory and practical studies just the ticket! Our level 1 field guiding courses in South Africa are also aimed at those who; want to become professional field guides; want to work within the eco-tourism sector or gain further knowledge for their university degree course.

In addition, to providing a unique volunteer experience, one of our volunteer wildlife and environmental conservation projects is also registered training providers for FGASA (Field Guide Association of South Africa).

game capture team volunteer fgasa south africa

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Big Five Monitoring and Conservation

This volunteer wildlife monitoring programme provides a fantastic opportunity to work alongside experienced rangers, learn about wildlife behaviour and assist with data collection, camera trap processing, real conservation activities and sustainable living.
You will have the opportunity to monitor and record data on species such as lions, leopards, cheetahs, white rhino, black rhino, elephants and hyenas in a section of a stunning and pristine South African National Park.

Here volunteers will learn necessary field skills and techniques, using specific equipment (such as radio telemetry, GPS) whilst also learning about flora and fauna identification and issues relating to conservation in the area. The data collected plays a vital role in the conservation and management of the National Park Section in which the programme operates. The data collected is recorded by the volunteers and analysed by the rangers in order to compile a monthly report provided to the Park management, to make informed decisions in terms of maintaining the ecological balance in the ecosystem of the area. The project is located on a 24,000 hectare private game reserve, opening to a National Park of an additional 43,000 hectares to the benefit of the animals that roam free in this large territory.

The area is full of an array of Southern Africa’s most spectacular wildlife and the landscape are absolutely stunning, having a mountain range as a background and a permanent river.


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Vervet Monkey Rehabilitation and Wildlife Care Farm

The Vervet Monkey Rehabilitation and Wildlife Care Farm volunteer project with Blue Lizard Adventures was founded in 2003 and is located in the stunning Waterberg region of South Africa.  The committed team at the farm work tirelessly to ensure each animal has the best opportunity for a second chance at living in the wild.  It is a long and hard process and involves many different avenues of the conservation sector in South Africa. The end goal for this volunteer project in South Africa is to release the animals back into the wild.

The Vervet Monkey Rehabilitation and Wildlife Care Farm volunteer Project with Blue Lizard Adventures is a unique and special place, due to that they are very successful at releasing animals back into the wild in South Africa. This volunteer project in South Africa is also an incredible opportunity for volunteers to gain hands on experience of wildlife care and husbandry as well as experiencing South Africa’s amazing country and culture.  The Vervet Monkey Rehabilitation and Wildlife Care Farm volunteer project with Blue Lizard Adventures is also a great opportunity for wildlife enthusiasts, biologists, conservationists or indeed anyone, to get involved in true wildlife conservation, rehabilitation and release.

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Wilderness Conservation and Wildlife Research

The Wilderness Conservation and Wildlife Research volunteer project provides volunteers with a lifetime opportunity that will never be forgotten; to actively contribute to and participate in daily management activities, wildlife research and monitoring activities taking place on a private game reserve in South Africa. The programme fosters the conservation of wilderness and is based on a private wilderness reserve in 25 500 hectares of South Africa’s untamed beauty.

The reserve is on its way to becoming a benchmark wilderness reserve, as it has based all its ideals on mimicking the natural system as much as possible. Unfortunately humans have taken their toll on many wild areas of Africa and natural processes have been affected. The goal of the Wilderness Conservation and Wildlife Research volunteer project in Africa is to restore the balance that existed prior to human interference and this requires a little assistance. Volunteers are hands on members of the team responsible for all aspects of this assistance, from varied reserve management projects to the research and monitoring of the reserve’s flora and fauna.

Elephants in africa volunteer project


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Bahati Working Farm and Big Cat Sanctuary

Hidden in the pristine wilderness of the Waterberg biosphere nature reserve  lies the Bahati Estates, a small slice of paradise that offers visitors understated luxury and a veritable fortune of archaeological treasures and biological diversity.

The Bahati Volunteer Programme provides you the opportunity to experience and get involved in the day-to-day running and operations of an African farm.  At Bahati you can turn your African holiday into the experience of a lifetime. Find yourself or simply unlock your future potential.


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