Have a unique life experience at the Amazon Ecological Reserve, a 550ha protected nature reserve with a non-profit association and research center for biodiversity conservation and sustainability in the Amazon rainforest of Tambopata – Peru.

Join the community life at the Lodge in the reserve and participate next to the staff and other volunteers in the daily activities developed in the area.

All activities are related to the different conservation projects developed in the reserve since 2001 under the guidance of the staff, including scientists and local experts. Some activities are constant, some are subject to change depending on the season, some may vary due to weather or emergency work.

* Wildlife Rescue Centre

* Bird Monitoring

* Spider Monkey Project

* Turtle Project

* Butterfly Project

* Trail Maintenance

* Farming

* Tropical Wood Workshop

* Sensor Camera Monitoring

* General Maintenance



1. Wildlife Rescue Centre: Assist our veterinarian and interns in charge of the different wildlife species sheltered at the centre. Some are in rehabilitation programs for release, some are in reproduction programs and some are residents that cannot be released and are given a good quality of life in captivity.
Daily activities include animal feeding and rescue centre maintenance.
Weekly activities include cage enrichment, animal training, medical check-ups and ethological studies.

2. Bird monitoring: Assist our expert ornithologist in the different studies to monitor the bird community within the reserve for conservation of these important group in the ecological chain of the rainforest.
Weekly activities include fix point observation on platforms and mist nets with bird banding.

3. Spider monkey project: Assist our biologist in the monitoring of the spider monkey groups that have successfully established in the wild as part of our reintroduction program for this species that was locally extinct.
Weekly activities include jungle walks to search for the group and observe their behaviour for data collection of their status in the wild.

4. Turtle project: Assist our staff in collecting turtle eggs and relocating them in our artificial beaches to keep them safe from poachers until they hatch. Baby turtles are released back in the beach eggs were collected on November 5th.
Daily activities, ONLY FROM MID JULY UNTIL FIRST WEEK OF SEPTEMBER, include travelling down river for 15min to camp over night at the beach on an island, searching for turtle nests, collecting the eggs following a careful methodology, planting the eggs in the artificial beaches at the reserve early next morning.

5. Butterfly project: Assist our staff in the study of butterfly species and their biological and ecological characteristics.
Weekly activities include collection of butterfly specimens with nets, maintenance of the butterfly house and feeding the caterpillars.

6. Trail maintenance: Assist our staff in jungle walks for clearing and keeping our trail system open and accessible for exploration, studies and patrol.
Weekly activities include short or long jungle walks with machetes.

7. Farming: Assist our staff in the maintenance, production and collection of crops to supply food for the animals at the center.
Weekly activities include farm clearing, soil enrichment, planting of seedling and fruit collection.

8. Tropical wood workshop: Assist our staff in working crafts with different wood species including the mahogany from our agroforestry system to test their viability for sustainable use as an alternative business for local families.
Weekly activities include collecting mahogany trees from the plantation, or fallen branches from the forest, crafting the wood pieces with a lathe and making a variety of creative and useful ornaments or instruments.

9. Sensor camera monitoring: Assist our biologist in monitoring the wildlife within our reserve through photos and videos collected in real time by our sensor cameras.
Weekly activities include jungle walks along our trails, setting the sensor cameras in strategic spots (including ground clay licks and fruiting trees), collection of the cameras, checking the footage for wildlife identification.

10. General maintenance: Assist our staff in cleaning, maintaining and construction work to keep the projects and facilities in the reserve in optimal conditions. Weekly or monthly activities include carrying materials, cutting bamboo, fixing, painting common areas, walkways, boats and cages, building new cages or common areas.


Activities are set daily from Monday to Friday. Usually weekly schedule includes 2 days of early activities from 5:30am to 7:30am and daily activities from 8:00am to 11:00am and from 2:30am to 5:00pm.

Weekends are free days. You can choose to go out to the city under the scheduled transfers or stay at the lodge in the Reserve.
Must do activity for the staff who stays in the reserve for the weekend is Animal feeding (2 times a day). You are welcome to help them. Not mandatory.


We are located on the Madre de Dios river at 28km from Puerto Maldonado city, about one hour down river. Motorboat transfers are available every week on the following schedules:

Transfer IN
Sunday 3.30pm
Wednesday 2.00pm

Transfer OUT
Saturday 7.00am
Wednesday 7:00am

Minimum time of stay is ONE WEEK following the transfer schedule.
For stay of 4 weeks and over you can take a week off to travel around Peru and your place will be kept at the Lodge in the Reserve.
Price will depend on total time of stay.
IT IS RECOMMENDED for a deeper participation and more amazing experience for volunteering a stay of at least 4 weeks and for internship a stay of at least 6 weeks.

Airport pick up and drop off once in Puerto Maldonado city.
River transfers according to schedule. Inquire extra cost for other arrival or departure days.
Accommodation at Taricaya Lodge in cabins with private bathroom. Shared room up to 4 people same gender in bunk-beds when we are in full capacity (no room service). Inquire extra cost for private single or double room.
Meals (daily breakfast, lunch and dinner menus of homemade Peruvian food).
Activities according to daily schedule.
Travel insurance (assist card) for a minimum of 4 weeks stay.

Airfares or bus fares, travel insurance for 3 weeks stay or less, personal expenses in Peru or Puerto Maldonado outside the reserve.