Volunteer in Namibia at one of our amazing projects summaried below:

Carnivore Conservation Research Programme:

This volunteer project plays a vital role in rescuing and releasing threatened cats in Namibia to help reduce human-wildlife conflict. The project has established a solid working relationship with landowners across Namibia and is contacted when problem carnivores are identified.

cheetah in the sunset in Namibia

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Namibian Medical Volunteer:

During the project you will spend your time at our remote San Bushman clinic in rural east Namibia. The village homes around 500 San and Herero villagers and the clinic is at the heart of the community. Here, you will assist our Doctor and Nurse with the running of the Lifeline Clinic and help provide primary healthcare to the local community. You will provide hands on support at the clinic, participating in observations, running reception and helping in the dispensary. You will deal closely with patients from the local San community, learn more about their way of life and give care to patients living in extreme poverty at the clinic’s remote location.


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Namibian Wildlife Sanctuary:

This project provides volunteers with the unique opportunity to gain hands on experience caring for injured and orphaned African Wildlife. The sanctuary is a safe haven for a number of species including lions, leopard, cheetah, wild dog and baboons. Long term rehabilitation is the primary aim for the project; however some animals will never be able to return to the wild due to human activity. As a volunteer you will be taking part in all aspects of the care and feeding of the animals, help to maintain and develop the sanctuary and becoming surrogate parents to our orphaned baby baboons.

monkey on volunteers shoulder in Namibia Blue Lizard Adventures

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