Volunteering is a rapidly growing market with a huge array of choice. Look carefully into organisations, ask questions and then match these to your own expectations and what you want to gain from the experience.

Volunteer in Africa

Why Volunteer? Volunteering can provide life changing experiences. You can share your skills, energy and enthusiasm. There are opportunities to educate and inspire others and give a little bit of yourself. Additionally, as a volunteer you can also learn new skills, gain practical experience to enhance your CV, learn about other cultures and conservation. Volunteering also allows you to achieve personal or career orientated goals and acquire work experience. It is also a good time for personal reflection, growth and gain confidence, as well as making friends and contacts around the globe.

Who Volunteers? Anyone from any background can volunteer. There is no upper age limit however; volunteers must be 18 or over.  No specific skills are required as many volunteer projects provide training within the first few days. Types of volunteers:

  • Gap year students
  • People on a career break
  • Solo/family/groups
  • Work experience students
  • Working professional
  • Mature volunteers who want to do something different
  • Holiday makers looking for something different to the norm.

Volunteer group in Namibia


Which Project to Choose ? First ask these simple questions:

  1. What country?
  2. What time of year?
  3. How long for?
  4. What are your interests?
  5. What you want to achieve

Our team is also on hand to help you decide what project is best matched to you.

When to Volunteer? Anytime of life is a good time to volunteer. In terms of the time of year very much depends on where you are going and when the projects are running. Some projects will not run in high summer due to the heat. Weather conditions are something to be considered, if you are unsure please ask our team.

How to start the ball rolling? Read what we have to offer, contact us with as many questions as you need. Your experience is important to us, therefore we will support, advise and guide you in making the best choice.

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