Top 10 Bucket List Items to Eat in South Africa

South Africa is well know for its’ stunning beauty, marlvous scenary, good weather, fantastic wildlife and outstanding culture! But did you know that the food in South Africa is equally as amazing? Here is our top 10 bucket list items to eat in South Africa by Blue Lizard Adventures:

South African Flag

1) Biltong/Droewors – is a cured salty dry meat. ita can be made from a range of meats from beef through to game and ostrich.

2) Bobotie – is a dish of Malay descent. It is similar to a meat loaf with raisins and egg on top. It is oftern served with rice, banana and chutneys.

3) Koeksisters – are a syrup-coated doughnut mix made into a twist or plait shape. Fantastic with cream or jam.


4) Pap – is also called mieliepap and is made from ground maize. It is a staple food in South Africa. There are a number of forms of pap; smooth maize meal porridge, pap with a very thick consistency that can be held in the hand and a dry crumbly pap.

5) Potjiekos – literally translated “small pot food”. Is it a stew like dish that is prepared tradionally outdoors in a three legged cast iron pot called a potjie.


6) Malva Pudding – is a sweet caramelized pudding made with apricot jam and served hot with custard or ice-cream.

7) Tamatiebredie – is a another form of stew like dish. It is cooked for a very long time and used ingrediates such as cinnamon, ginger and cloves is the primary meat tradionally is mutton. Bredie is of Malaysian origin and the style of cooking was introduced by the Malays. In tomato bredie tomato is used instead oriental spinach.

8) Melktert – It is a sweet crust pastry case filled with a creaming custard tyed filling, although the ratio of milk to egg is higher than in a traditional European custard tart.

Milk Tart

9) Chakalaka  – is a spicy South African vegetable relish traditionally served with pap and is often reffered to as pap and sauce. There are many variations on how to make Chakalaka, often depending on region and family tradition. Many versions include beans. For example, a tin of baked beans, tin of tomatoes, onion, garlic and some curry paste can be used to make the dish.

10) Rusks – a rectangular, hard, dry biscuit eaten as a breakfast dish or dunked in tea or coffee.

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