Tips to be Followed Before You Go in Africa

The Safari holidays Africa take the visitors into the wilds of the Africa, deep into the habitats of a hugely diverse range of the animals that most people will only have seen in the zoo or on television. The Safari holidays Africa give you the fair opportunity to see them on their patch as nature intended.

1. A guide should be hired

The Safari holidays Africa is best enjoyed in the company of a guide. The South African reserves allow their animals to roam free, and many cover the vast distances. A guide will study the animals and their patterns of behaviour, meaning they will be excellently placed to track down the more publicity shy creatures.

For those who prefer to roam free, there are numerous self-drive safaris available in various South African reserves.

2. The whole family is to be taken

The beauty of the safari holidays is that they will very well appeal to the whole family, making them a fantastic opportunity to take the several generations on the trip of a lifetime – ensuring a very memorable break for all of you to share. With Christmas holidays abroad becoming a viable option for many of the families; why not take the family on an unforgettable safari trip to South Africa when gloomy December rolls into view?

3. Get the right gear

If you are going to travel halfway around the world to enjoy the most impressive animal’s nature has to offer, then ensure that you take the right equipment and clothing with you. Insect repellent spray is a must, not only to offer protection from dangerous biting insects, but also the minor annoyances from ants and other bugs. A wide range of the mosquito nets is available to protect you while you sleep. A good quality suntan lotion is also very important – sunburns and safaris don’t mix. For those brave enough to risk sartorial ridicule, there will never be a more appropriate opportunity to wear a safari suit for sure. If you do go that far, you might as well include the pith helmet!

4. Time your trip right

Although the safari holidays allow you to spend all the day out in the sun, the early morning starts can be very beneficial for sure. If you can get out of bed, the morning trips tend to offer superior viewing and animals are likely to be more active.

5. Consider malaria-free options

One of the greatest annoyances that can accompany the safari holidays is the need to take the malaria tablets at regular intervals. There are indeed several reserves in South Africa that have been declared malaria free, thereby providing a great alternative to those who would like to avoid the hassle of pill-popping. The Eastern Cape, the North West Province and the Waterberg all provide malaria-free options.

Also, you have an opportunity to see the wildlife conservation projects very closely while you are in such a trip. The family safari in Tanzania is one of the most famous and much in demand. This is a children friendly as well as family friendly safari as they are flexible with the particular game drive routes. There are experienced guides that make the entire trip even more interesting. There are also provisions for five star accommodations in hotels and lodges which is indeed great for the tourists. The age limit of the children who can participate in the Safari is three and above. A maximum of six people are allowed in a vehicle. A full English breakfast, a light lunch and a three course dinner is also provided.

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