The King of the Savannah …… The African Lion

The African Lion (Panthera leo)

African lion at sunset

The biggest cat out there, the African Lion enjoys it’s place at the top of the food chain relaxing and sleeping during the day to avoid the extreme heat of the Kalahari desert. The Kalahari extends 900,000 square kilometres spreading over much of Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. The Kalahari supports a vast and diverse range of plants and animals, especially after a good rainy season.
African lion close up
Lions are very social animals, as predators they live with others in cohesive groups called prides, unusual for other cat species, but not these magnificent creatures. A lot like in Disney’s Lion King, prides are made up of two distinct groups, one of four to twelve females along with their cubs, and a group of roughly up to six males who mate with the females. The centre of the tribe revolves around females raising cubs, this is of high importance as Lions have a high mortality rate with only 20% reaching the age of 2. In the Kalahari an abundance of prey means generally a pride will consist of about twelve adults. Lions like to play it cool when it comes to the hunt being very patient and composed in their nature. The pride will split up into smaller groups to roam in search of prey for up to weeks at a time.
Lion cubs in Africa
The Team at Blue Lizard Adventures have spent a long time tracking these majestic cats, observing and studying their behaviour to aid the conservation of these truly fascinating animals. 
Volunteer tracking lions
Despite being such a powerful and strong animal by nature, sitting comfortably at the top of the food chain, Lions in Africa really do need help. Figures recently published estimate that there are only 15,000 Lions left on the whole continent, a shocking figure compared to 200,000 from just 30 years ago.
Blue Lizard Adventures are passionately focused on tackling this catastrophic decline by the expansion of adequate protection programs along side increasing awareness of these important issues.
Blue Lizard Adventures are always looking for more volunteers to help make a difference through our conservation expeditions. If you have a taste for excitement through adventure travel and enjoy rising to a challenge then why not join one of our expedition teams! 
Just visit  for information on a wide variety of project and travel tours that suit you.    
Lion emerges from the bushes
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