The Beauty of a Self Drive Experience in Malawi

We all know that going on safari can sometimes not be the cheapest trip to take. Never fear Blue Lizard Adventures has the solution!

A self drive experience in Malawi! Just hire a car, book a few nights either at our lodge or at our cultural campsite and enjoy a cheaper but no less spectacular safari trip. Self drive tours are becoming more increasingly popular.

Our self drive Safari Experience in Malawi is situated on a incredible reserve in the lower Shire valley in the South West of Malawi, approximately 70kms from Blantyre’s Chileka international airport and three hours from Lake Malawi.
Mountain View in Malawi
The Malawi wildlife reserve is a unique conservation and tourist destination for all visitors. The amazing success story of recovery and restoration and the continued protection of endangered species has led this wildlife reserve in Malawi to become one of the most popular reserves in Malawi. The wildlife reserve was once a prolific wildlife refuge, however, by the late 1990’s most species of large game, including elephant, had been eradicated. The restoration of this wildlife reserve in Malawi has been a long and hard process. Restoration has included; significant infrastructure development wildlife restocking and a complete overhaul of the law enforcement and scientific monitoring function. The Malawi wildlife reserve now boosts many of the African bush species and is fast becoming a balanced ecosystem, but there is still a long way to go. 

Hippo roar. Safari in Malawi
The Malawi wildlife reserve offers a fantastic self-drive conservation safari experience. Blue Lizard Adventures is proud to offer clients this wonderful opportunity to visit and stay on a stunning area of conservation importance in Malawi.

Lady the leopard introduced to the reserve in Malawi

 When driving in the park please remember a few simple rules for the protection of the visitor, the animals and the spectacular environment:

  1. Adhere at all times to the speed limit
  2. Drive only on designated roads and never go off road
  3. Do not feed any animals
  4. Do not get out of your car
  5. Do not drive in the park at night


To enhance your experience we also offer a number of extra activities, including: game drives, bush walks, community visits, koppie climbs, boat rides and bush breakfasts.
Safari african bush walks Malawi
Boat rides in Malawi
Cultural dances at the local Malawian village
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