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Responsible Travel Advice from Blue Lizard Adventures

To ensure your trip is everything you dream, runs smoothly and also to ensure that you are travelling responsibly and sustainably, please take a moment to consider our travel advice from Blue Lizard Adventures….


·         On safari or when in the bush, wear neutral colours such as khaki, olive-green, grey, brown so as to blend in with the environment.
·          Bring binoculars, Blue Lizard Adventures recommends one pair per person.
·         Bring a sufficient amount of data/memory cards and spare batteries for your camera. Some camps and volunteer projects have 220/240V electrical supplies for recharging video and digital camera batteries, but others do not.
·         Always ask permission before taking photographs of locals
·         Where possible always support local business and communities by buying local items and souvenirs rather than imported goods. However, be aware of laws and transportation customs.
·         Do your research! Buy or borrow guidebooks, novels and travel articles about the country you are visiting.
·         Please use water sparingly; it is a valuable and scarce resource.
·         As a thoughtful gesture, bring gifts for local children, people or wildlife projects that can be useful or educational. Sweets and chocolate rot the teeth and there are few dentists most of which rural people cannot afford.  Blue Lizard Adventures suggests bringing magazines, books, pencils, paper, old clothes and stuffed toys.
·         Don’t litter.
·         When you pack your bag please bear in mind the luggage restrictions of 12kg (26lbs) on light aircraft transfers and 20kg (44lbs) on scheduled airline flights.
Respect local cultures and buy locally
·         If you have booked onto one of our full inclusive safaris or tours, then you should not need much more money. A list of what’s included is available on the website and also within the pre departure pack. Money for personal items, bar bills, tips and souvenirs will be required at all of our volunteer projects, adventures tours and safaris.
·         The local currency or US Dollars is the preferred currency in all the countries.  In some countries other currencies are not recognised.
·         Travellers cheques should be accepted by most lodges but neither lodges nor banks will exchange them for cash in Africa.
·         Credit card and cash point machine facilities are available in the urban centres. Be careful in rural areas as these facilities may not be available and many remote locations will not accept debit cards as a form of payment. 

Passport & Visas

·         All International visitors require a valid passport together with onward travel documents.
·         For travellers to South Africa must please ensure that their passport is valid for at least 6 months after their entry date and that there is a minimum of 2 blank pages in their passport. If there is not sufficient space in the passport then entry will be denied.
·         If a mother or father is travelling with their child alone then a letter of consent, certified by their local police, must be signed by the parent and carried with them.
·         Please ensure that you have all the necessary visas prior to departure. If unsure of the visa requirements visit the appropriate embassy website for further details.


·         It is a condition of booking that the sole responsibility lies with the client to ensure that they carry the correct comprehensive travel and medical insurance to cover themselves, as well as any dependants.
·         It is advisable ensure your insurance covers a reasonable amount of baggage and money insurance, especially if you are carrying a lot of cash or expensive and valuable equipment.
·         We advise that expensive equipment is carried as “carry-on” luggage.
·         Do not put anything of value in your checked-in baggage!

Cancellation and Insurance

·         Should you want to cancel or curtail your journey due to unforeseen circumstances after departure, we cannot refund you the proportion of the package back. In addition if you cancel close to the departure date you may lose the entire cost of your trip. However, in the event of this happening, insurance may cover you, depending on the reason for cancellation and curtailment.
Travel Responsibly with Blue Lizard Adventures

Health Insurance

·         It is vital and compulsory that all clients have full medical, emergency evacuation and repatriation cover for the period of time you are travelling.


·         It is vitally important that clients drink plenty of water especially in hot temperatures.
·         2 to 3 litres (4 to 6 pints) of water per day is recommended to limit the effects of dehydration, this excludes tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages.

Other Health Issues

·         We recommend that every client visits their local GP and/or travel clinic for advice on other health requirements.
·         Bring sunglasses, sunscreen and preventative medication.
·         Wear sunscreens and cover up during the hottest time of day.
·         Check your skin after walks in nature to identify ticks and remove by smothering in an oily substance like petroleum jelly and removing after 20 minutes.


·         It is important to note that the countries’ wildlife is just that – wild.
·         Attacks by wild animals are rare; however, please listen to your guides and hosts. The safety precautions need to be taken seriously.
·         Do not go wandering off on your own, approach animals on foot, or leave your vehicle to do so, unless you are with a qualified guide, especially when there are no fences.
·         Do not swim in rivers and lakes unless your qualified guides recommend it. There are a number of extremely dangerous animals living in the waters.
·         Always observe animals silently and with a minimum of disturbance to their natural activities.
·         Never attempt to attract an animal’s attention. Don’t imitate animal sounds, clap your hands, hit the vehicle or throw objects. The noise and movements will disturb and frighten the animals and in some cases draw unwanted attention to you within the vehicle.
·         Always respect your guide/host/drivers judgement about proximity to dangerous animals. lions, cheetahs and leopards. Please do not insist the vehicle gets closer so you can get a better photograph.
·         Please refrain from smoking on game drives in Africa. The bushveld can get extremely dry and will ignite easily.
·         Do not drive off road on reserves, volunteer projects and National Parks, unless instructed by projects staff or tour guide to do so.
·         Do not feed wild animals or birds, this can create a dependency and the animals may then become a threat to people and subsequently have to be shot.
·         Do not buy any products made from endangered fauna or flora. If you do see such curios and souvenirs which are made of such items please notify Neil Greenwood at the International Fund for Animal Welfare, who will in turn notify the relevant authorities (
·         Please ensure that any mobile phones are switched off or the ring tone is kept at a low volume to avoid disturbing other guests. Be courteous when using your phones and please refrain from using them in common areas such as the dining room, bar/lounge area, or on any of the vehicles or on game drives.

Blue lizard Adventures aim to minimise the effects on the planet by:

  • Minimise paper usage, always use recycled paper and recycle any paper waste. Wherever possible send out information via email.
  • Curb the company’s energy output by: using energy saving light bulbs, all electrical equipment is only used when necessary and always turned off when not in use. Heating is kept to a minimum.
  • Off set carbon where possible.
  • Promote education of sustainability, responsible travel and support conservation.
  • Work with, advocate and promote projects that have close links with their local communities and support local schemes.
  • Work with projects and companies of the same values

Blue Lizard Adventures

Advice for the visitor on responsible travel:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint by choosing the appropriate mode of transport.
  • Off set some carbon emissions.
  • Pack only essentials, many items can be bought or replaced.
  • Turn off electrical items
  • Eat seasonally and locally, thus reducing the energy cost of transportation and supports local traders.
  • Carry one sturdy refillable water bottle instead of buying every day.
  • Recycle plastic, glass and paper were possible
  • Donate clothes, electronics, books and cosmetics to local charities and hostels

Off set your carbon before you leave!


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