Need community volunteer and wildlife conservation in Africa

There is a lot to do in Africa. What with the whole world waking to the present woeful condition in many poverty stricken countries of the continent. While most of the sad situations are caused by human interference or greed or callousness, the good thing is that developed countries round the world are realizing what is happening here and are sending government and non government organizations to do community volunteer work on a large number of sponsored projects to alleviate the suffering of the masses there and preserve the fauna through wildlife conservation projects.
It is this community volunteer work that is able to educate and train the ignorant masses in various subjects which directly affect health such as hygiene, nutrition, safe sex, clean drinking water etc. Low life expectancy, high infant mortality and very high incidence of HIV/AIDS has been plaguing many countries of Africa and these problems cannot be tackled by weak governments. Apart from UN funded projects that are the backbone of social welfare activities in Africa, community volunteer work through NGOs that understand the problems and are able to mitigate them through solutions found within the local environment and through education and training.
Africa is home to the largest number of species of animals, birds, insects and reptiles. Many of these species are endangered because of direct human interference and greed or because of the indirect effects of human development such as climate change, rise in the level of oceans and the melting polar ice caps. Wildlife conservation projects are absolutely necessary to be implemented strictly in Africa to preserve what is left of the magnificent array of flora and fauna in Africa.

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