My First Safari, Tanazania and Blue Lizard Adventures Experience

Distant Kilimanjaro
For the last 10 days four of us spent our well earnt money on a trip of a life time in Tanzania, booked through Blue Lizard Adventures. We have not been to Africa, been on a safari or used Blue Lizard Adventures before, but I for one will definatley been doing it again. The experience was unreal and all the staff we had the chance of meeting were completely amazing.
This is our story;
A long and ardujous plane joruney from London, we finally landed at Kilimanjaro International Airport. When we arrived, we were met by a very smily Fredrik Huth Jensen, who was our guide for the trip. We frlt like we already knew Fredrik from “met the team” section on Blue Lizards website ( As expected he was extremely kind, funny and extremely knowledgeable, chatting passionately about the country, wildlife, and different cultures that we would expexerience over the next 10 days.
Vervet Monkey
We arrived in Arusha (about 45 min from the airport) and to our first posrt of call Ilboru Safari Lodge. On the way into the lodge Fredrik spotted some some monkeys. This was the first time I’ve ever seen any wildlife like this, as we don’t have this back home!! It was amazing to see the Monkeys up close, eating and playing in the trees around us. 
The rest of the day we spent relaxing around the swimming pool. Two of our group went with Fredrik into town, where they visited some museums and the local food market. They came back very happy, and with many nice photos.
Upside down tree. Aka Boabab

That night sleep was not easy. The night time sounds of the African bush are truely incredible. Its a kind of silence which is not silent at all. In addition, we were so eager to experience a real African safari. Morning came and were picked up by Fredrik and his driver, Goodluck to take us to a park called Tarangire National Park. Both Fredrik and Goodluck had lots to show and tell us, and the first day was kind of, how to put it, unreal! The park itself was stunning, dotted with aptly nick named upside down trees. All of us, where smiling the entire day, to the point of cheek ache!!

We saw many species such as elephant, giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, warthog, lion and numerous different antelope such as Impala and waterbuck. One of the highlights was witnessing some disgryntled elephants chase away a small lion river from the river! It was so exciting to be so close and experience animals in the real bush, acting completely wild.
Blue Wildebeest
After a great day we drove out of the park and to a camp called Maramboi Tented Camp. This camp was particulary awsome,  with the “tents” standing on wooden stilts in the middle of the bush, surrounded by wildebeests and zebras. We ended the day  with a sundowner on the platform veranda  overlooking a large savannah plain filled with wildlife. WHAT A DAY!
Woke up the next morning hoping yesterday had not all been a dream. Luckily, I realised this was my life for the next 9 days!!.
Day two started with a drive to the Serengeti National Park. This park had been on my “to do list” for 10 years so I could barely contain my excitment. Our first day in the Serengeti, as well as the next three days, were exactly what I hoped for, if not more. I had never imagined to see some many animals. I even managed to get a picture with more than 8 different species on it. 
The Serengeti is truely a magical place and one were the least conservation minded person can feel a sense of need to ensure the long term survival of so many of these species.Both Fredrik and Goodluck told us numerous facts about everything we saw and brought the health of our environment to the forfront of our thoughts. 
These are my top 3 highlights from Serengeti:
Day 2 – We followed a lioness for about 20 minutes. She was all by herself, but as Fredrik and Goodluck explained she was heading somewhere specific. After a short time, what happened next was so unexpected and amazing. The lioness finally stopped at a large fallen tree and started to make small low pitched “grunts”. Out of nowhere 4 cubs appeared and started jumping on her and playing. They were extremely relaxed so we spent more than an hour just watching them play and being a family. 
Lion Cubs
Day 2 – Later the same day we came across 2 cheetah hunting.  At first they didn’t seem to be very organised with the whole hunting business but, WOW, what a finish. After a maybe 100 – 140 meter chase they caught a small gazelle. They only ate a little each, before they dragged it into a nearby bush, seemingly to hide the kill from other predators and scavengers. 
Cheetah breakfast face!
Day 3 – Early in the morning we were driving to an area which Fredrik said was famous for leopards, yet we came never saw a leopard, as we came upon a more unusal sight!! Fredrik spotted a huge snake enjoying a rather large breakfast of gazelle, much bigger than the one the cheetahs took down the day before. How it managed it I still dont know. Fredrik explained to us that after eating such big prey, the snake would be immobile for a time, making it very vulnerable to other predators. Still can’t believe that we actually saw that!!!!
 Our luck in the Serengti added further to our unforgettable trip!
Following the Serengeti and drove to Ngorongoro Conservation area. We stayed at a lodge on the edge of the crater,  with amazing views of the Ngorongoro Crater itself. 
Ngorongoro Crater
On our last day of the safari we went into the crater. The Ngorongoro Crater is a very old volcano that collapsed millions of years ago, forming what today is a unique ecosystem, home to numerous species. We were again very fortunate and ended our safari with the big 5!!!We also saw lots of spotted hyenas. Entirely misunderstood and given a bad reputation, both Fredrik and Goodluck had lots of positive things about them and they even had us on their side by the time we had left!!!  
Spotted hyena
 Later that day we drove back to Arusha for our flight to Zanzibar, for the next 3 nights/4 days. When we landed we were greeting by a enormous hussle and bussle of people trying to take us this way and that. Finally we saw the the sign with our names on it! We were driven to Jambiani on Zanzibar, where Fredrik and Blue Lizard Adventures had organised a villa for us. When we got there we were all in awe of the place, completely stunning. Crystal clear white beaches with amazing green water, just 50 meters from our own private villa, not to mention our very own private chef and waiter during our entire stay!! We had a GREAT time on Zanzibar and this was the perfect end to our safari adventure.  
Thank you so much to Fredrik and Blue Lizard Adventures for organising what I can only describe as the most incredible adventure of my life.
Life is good and we should strive to keep it that way. Conservation and Education is the key.

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