Life is good


“Life is Good.”

So many of us say this when our lives seem good or better than it was, has been or indeed will be. This statement is, in that sense so very true.

However, to me life is good does not mean in the human sense, but in the general over all life is good. And not just good life is simply great.

This short blog is really about the musings of life being good.

You do not need to be a conservationist, scientist or philosopher to realise and see that life is truly amazing. All around us things grow, develop, learn and evolve. From algae to elephants, from the oak to the whale it is all so very wondrous.

Of course as the “dominant” species, we as homospiens only view the world and its life through our own limitations. Yet available for everyone to see and experience is a life so good that sometimes it is difficult to actually see it.

What many of us do ont realise is how dependent on life we actually are. Indeed there is the obvious factors such as food, water, air, fuel, medicines etc. But what about our emotional and mental well being?! That too we need life to sustain this. When you need a holiday, a break, a time out, a place to think, a place to inspire; clear the head or get some fresh air, where do you go? The hobbies, interests and passions what do they generally involve? LIFE!!! A mountain path or hill to climb, walk, cycle or photography.

“The last word in ignorance is the man who says of an animal or plant: ‘What good is it?”
―  Aldo Leopold 

Life really is that good!!

Peacock butterfly
Namibian Plains

Elephant sniff
Honey Bee

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