Introducing The Smallest Members of Blue Lizard Adventures!

So we have been promising you all that we would introduce the smallest members of our Blue Lizard family, so today I would like to introduce to you our ferret family!!!!!



Sid is our 4 year old large sandy male (hob). His dad “Big Dave” is even larger than Sid! Sid is a lover not a fighter and is possibly one of the laziest ferrets you would ever meet! However, he is still the daddy of the family. He sometimes lies down to eat, lounges around in the sun on his back with his paws in the air and when we go down to say good morning he lies up against pen for his attention! The picture above is Sid getting some scratches, you can see by his face he just loves it. We take Sid out on walks on his “ferret” lead. We get stopped often so we grab the opportunity to tell people about these guys as so many people think they are smelly bitty animals, yet this could not be further from the truth with our guys. Sid loves eating, sleeping, cuddles with us and playing with the young ladies in his harem!



Jaffa is our 4 year old red eyed albino hob. Jaffa is Sid’s best mate and partner in crime! However, Jaffa is completely different to Sid in that he is a sandwich short of a picnic basket! Completely crackers. In summer when he is in season he just runs around all day everyday squeaking and grunting continuously. Although Jaffa is absolutely crackers he is another big softy and allows me a cuddle a day before wriggling out of my grasp to run around like a lunatic again. He is also extremely smart and very good at dismantling anything we out into the pen for enrichment. He particularly loves digging, and will dig tunnels anywhere and everywhere to the annoyance of the gardener!

Jaffa stopped for 2 seconds
Our two boys having a good chow before we could even get the food into the pen
Sid giving the girls kisses



Flossy is our 5 year old albino female (jill). She is our wise old girl, been a very good mummy a number of years and shows the younger girls how to be a lady! Although this is lost on Pip!She has always been our best worker ferret has the most fantastic temperament. She is loving, smart and generally a lovely ferret. She is getting a little old and has had a few illnesses this year. She has developed a lump on her neck but no one knows what it is, and she lost the fur on her tail but now she is in fine health. However, this year we have decided not to breed her as it might take too much out of her and she is our most lovable little girl. She will be in with the other girls to show them how to be as good mothers as she is.



Pip is one of young kids. She is a year old polecat with a personality to match. In ferret years she is a teenager and boy does she act it! Stroppy, naughty and sometimes sulky. Nevertheless she is a gorgeous little girl with a lot of love to give. Pip is an amazing climber and is always playing around. if there is a way out of the garden she will find it, much to our distress! She does come back though. She is also very fast, and this year I am hoping to train her to race!!

Pip climbing up legs!!



Petra is the newest addition to the family earlier this year. She is also an albino jill but we have absolutely no idea how old she is! She is also very very small but not a baby! Petra was found by Flossy. We had taken the ferrets out at the local area. Flossy went down a rabbit hole and came out with this little girl. We don’t know what her story is or how she even survived there. She had either been lost by someone or she was left there unwanted. No matter she now lives with us and is very much wanted. She settled in with the rest of the family very well, jumping on Sid, running around with Jaffa and Pip and snuggling up with Flossy, who mothered her alot at first.
Petra is amazing fast at running. She is always playing and running around your feet. She is cheeky and goes mental when we put a large pot full of soil in the pen.

So that in a nutshell is our Blue Lizard Adventures ferret family. They are all fantastically good natured ferrets and have never bitten. They are amazing with children and a pleasure to have, providing us all with constant entertainment and an opportunity to share or love and passion for all things on this planet.

This year is breeding year. Sid will share his love with Pip and Petra to hopefully create some beautiful little kits. Female ferrets need to be taken out of season each year, otherwise it can increase the risk of getting cancer. Jaffa has had a little procedure where he has a little knot in his tackle. A ferret version on a human hysterectomy. This means he is our very special guy who takes the ladies out of season when they are not breeding, therefore Jaffa and Flossy get to share some love this year. So watch this space.

We will keep you updated about the goings on with our family. For now we we leave you with some more photos of these lovely creatures.

Flossy playing with a plastic bag!

Pip trying to climb
Petra playing in the garden waste.


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  1. Butterfly Lane April 15, 2012 at 4:40 pm #

    Who knew ferrets could be so cute!