Go Make a difference! 10 ways to make a difference in your daily life. PART I

The Future Starts with You!!

There is only one world and we all have a role in looking after it. The small actions, by contrast have the biggest impact.

It does not need to be big changes or actions, the smallest, helps you “do you bit”. In this short blog Blue Lizard Adventures offers you 10 small things to do in your daily lives which can help make a difference to the planet and indeed to you!

At Blue Lizard Adventures, one of our motto’s is:

 “The smallest steps are the basis for larger creation!”

1) Make your own cleaning products: Not only does this decrease the level of harmful chemicals in our environment it saves us money too!
Washing powder: 1 cup of finely grated soap, 1 cup of washing soda and 2 teaspoons of lavender oil (or an fragrant oil of your choice)
Oil removal from clothes: rub white chalk into the stain
For baths and sinks use bicarbonate of soda
Vinegar for cleaning windows
Washing crystals fro cleaning floors
2) Donate your left over paint: 
The Community Re-Paint scheme run by Save Waste and Prosper collects left over paint and redistributes it to community projects, housing associations and schools etc. It is sponsors by Duluxe! http://www.communityrepaint.org.uk/
3) Avoid using chipboard and MDF:
Contains highs levels of formaldehyde a recognised carcinogen. It takes 2 – 3 years for a new product to stop releasing these fumes.
4) Donate unused tools to charities:
Self-Reliance is a Charity that refurbishes tools and sewing machines and then gives them to tradesmen in Africa. http://www.tfsr.org/
5) Encourage the natural collection:
Ladybirds eat lots of greenfly and are therefore a natural pesticide. Help encourage these little critters by investing in a ladybird house. http://www.naturalcollection.com/shop/ladybird-insect-tower-%28including-pole%29-by-wildlife-world/ there will be others available from other stores too!
6) Use short bursts of water from the tap to brush your teeth.
You can waste up to 4.5litres of water if you leave the tape on whilst brushing your teeth!
7) Only use a washing machine with a full load.
A single washing machine cycle uses on average 100 litres of water!
8) Don’t use peat compost.
Over 90% of Britain’s natural peat bogs have been destroyed or severely damaged, in the last 50 years. The majority is used by gardeners for the compost. Buy peat free compost and also buys plants in peat free compost.
For more information on this go to:
9) Revise your wedding list: Donate a tree to the MarryMe wood!
This scheme is run by he CarbonNeutral Company and the woodland helps absorb carbon dioxide but also helps with restoring habitats and biodiversity. Or plant a tree in your back garden as a special memory.
10) Buy second hand baby clothes and recycle them when they are done.
We all know babies brow at a rate of nots! By buying second hand clothes you will be saving yourself lots of money and the clothes will be much more comfy than new starchy ones! Once you have finished pop them to your local Charity shop, have a car boot or donate them to a specialist website online! http://www.preloved.co.uk/category/home/2110

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