Go Make a Difference. 10 more ways to make a difference in your daily life, Part 2

The Future Starts with You!!

There is only one world and we all have a role in looking after it. The small actions, by contrast have the biggest impact.

It does not need to be big changes or actions, the smallest, helps you “do you bit”. In this short blog Blue Lizard Adventures offers you 10 small things to do in your daily lives which can help make a difference to the planet and indeed to you!

At Blue Lizard Adventures, one of our motto’s is:

 “The smallest steps are the basis for larger creation!”
11) Use reusable nappies then use a nappy washing service. 
Nappy washing services use 32% less energy and 41% less water. www.changenappy.co.uk www.naturebotts.co.uk
12) Encourage young people to volunteer. 
The younger generation are the future decision makers therefore encouraging and teaching them when they are young will go a long way. Check out the Young Persons Trust www.yptenc.org.uk
13) Save energy when you boil water! 
Only boil the amount of water that is needed.
14) Don’t use a clothes dryer. 
Tumble dryers are the most energy-consuming household appliance!!
15) Buy locally. 
Transporting good all over the world produces tonnes of pollution and wasted resources. Global transport costs add 16% to food prices. In addition, it encourages agricultural mono cultures lowering biodiversity. Local companies need our support!
16) Buy refillables
Lots of products now are sold in refillable packs. Reduce land fill buy purchasing these products.
17) Leave a small pile of rotting wood in your garden. 
The rotting wood is an essential habitat for a number of invertebrates. Plus it makes a great living museum for children.
18) Don’t use free minis on hotels etc. 
The production of the mini products has a huge impact on the environment in wasted resources and energy. Plus if they are not being used they would save on lots of bags of waste going to land fill.
19) Ask your tour companies for their views and policies on the environment and local people! 
If they don’t have any why not?! www.responsibletravel.com
20) Less Speed!
Sticking to the speed limit ensures your car is running efficiently and is being fuel efficient. Smooth driving uses 30% less fuel and makes a more pleasant journey!

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