Fly and Flop or Culture Vulture? Which one are you?

Increasing numbers of people are now looking for something more when they finally get the time, and of course the all important money to go away. For many being “just a tourist” just isn’t cutting it anymore.
Near Fear Blue Lizard Adventures is here as a one stop shop on how to turn your usual break away to an unusual break out.

What is this phenomenon I hear you cry??

Our answer……………………. VOLUNTEERING.

Volunteering is so much more now than offering your time to help someone out. Is is a time to go somewhere else, visit a new place, experience a new culture, learn a new skill or language, add more to your bow of life, make new friends, teach some body something or let them teach you.

Why Volunteer???

Volunteers in South Africa teaching local kids!!

 Volunteering gives you a sense of worth, inspires you to try new things, value and be valued. For many students and for those looking for a career break or change, volunteering abroad can be that inspiration, that realisation and the experience in which you gather the skills, confidence and ideas to move forward.
At Blue Lizard Adventures we understand the need and want to volunteer.

But of course volunteering is not just a one sided affair, oh no! Volunteering abroad allows you to make a difference, a real difference in someones life, make a difference in science, in a local community or in the world. All the volunteer project at Blue Lizard Adventures are ones in which you do make a difference and that difference is appreciated and shown.

“Give a little, Gain a lot.”

Who Can Volunteer????

The short answer is…………………. ANYONE. Volunteering abroad does not have to be someone with lots of money and time on their hands. Some of our projects you can stay for as little as 2 weeks!! So you only have 3 weeks off from work but don’t want to go crisp up on a beach or wandered in a city with no where to go?! There is still time to fit a little volunteering in.

So you are not quite the spring chicken anymore, and your spring is more of a gentle head bob. Do not worry volunteering is not just for the young and the crackers. Many of our volunteers are staring at heir moon light years and still have the best years to come. All project at Blue Lizard Adventures can cater for anyone and everyone, all we ask is that you come to your volunteer project with an open mind and a willingness to do something new and make a difference.

Whether you are taking a break from your studies, taking a career break, having a holiday or enjoying your freedom, at Blue Lizard Adventures we are very excited to find the place for you.

A recent volunteer made her comment:

“Volunteers come from all walks of life and always find the experience truly meaningful – sharing and learning about other’s lives, and very often learning something about themselves too – no matter what age they are.”
Volunteers in South Africa getting ready to go on their town trip. Spot the monkey?!!
Where and when do I go?
Most of our projects runs all year round with a few breaks in high seasons. Think about when you want to volunteer. UK summer time may only be the time you have off, but if not remember Africa and Brazil’s seasons are opposite to ours. So when the doom and gloom sets in in the those long winter months, why not jet off to Africa or South America to do a spot of volunteering and life enhancing!
On the other side of that African countries can get very hot in mid summer (our mid winter) and also we do advise taking a hat and gloves for those rather crisp African winter mornings. So think about the time of year as this also has impacts on airfare.
Another reason for choosing your time to go abroad to volunteer is an event and spectacle you which to see. For example, the great migration in Tanzania, the rutting season or time of year beat to see game species.
Still not inspired? Maybe take a look at this short video made by Blue Lizard Adventures to aid your volunteer experience decisions.  

Live, Love, Laugh, Learn, Conserve, Inspire, Teach, and VOLUNTEER!!! 
Volunteering: Make new friends
Volunteering: Have Fun
Save and Change Lives
Team work
Research and Conserve

Join us at Blue Lizard Adventures and start your volunteer journey with us today!!

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