Escorted tours and safaris are a great way to see many of the countries highlights. They also allow you to see and experience things off the beaten track and offer a great insight into the countries people and culture.

Serengeti safari

Why Book an Escorted tour or Safari? Touring and safaris have many advantages, for both the travellers and the country. They are a great way of bringing in tourists and provide economic value to the country, allowing the country to showcase its highlights to many people. As a traveller on an escorted tour or safari you will have the extensive knowledge and enthusiasm of your guide, many of which, know lots of local unknown facts, information and places tourists would not usually see. It is also a great way to meet new people and to make new friends. Furthermore, it is a safe way to travel around a country, which allows you to enjoy your trip without the numerous worries such as where to go next, how to get there and where to stay. Blue Lizard Adventures offers a number of escorted tours and safaris that provide excellent travel experiences.

Who Goes on a Safari? Anyone and everyone can book an escorted tour or safari. They are great as part of your gap years travel to explore a country, fantastic as a wind down from a volunteer project, an good opportunity for mature travellers to see more of a country without the daily hassles of backpacking and for the general traveller. Additionally, they are great for families to do something different together.

Sundowners on safari in Tanzania with Blue Lizard Adventures

What Tour or Safari to Go On? There are hundreds of tour companies all over the world offering a mind boggling array of different options. Blue Lizard Adventures have handpicked some of the best. We only use small local companies to provide you with the best experience.  Take a look through all of our options, if you are still not sure why not contact our advisors to discuss the various options and what you want to get out of your experience. Remember we also offer tailor made  and bespoke tours or safaris in certain destinations, so if there is somewhere you want to go or something you want to see we can arrange this for you.

When to Go? Some tours only run at certain times of year due to weather, breeding seasons or festival time tables. All of this information is detailed on our explore pages. When is convenient for you? What will the weather be like? All of these should be considered and all of these we can advise and assist you through the decision making process.

How do I Book a Tour? Read what we have to offer, contact us with as many questions as you need. Your experience is important to us, therefore we will support, advise and guide you in making the best choice