Environmental News Round Up – 06th November

Four stories from our planet this week:

1. 17 Shocking Photos That Show How Global Warming Is Everywhere


Concerns over global climate change have never been higher — and with good reason. For decades, scientists have been watching warming-related trends. Increases in fires, floods, droughts, severe storms, and sea levels are just some of the consequences that researchers have observed as companions to the planet’s rising temperatures

2. 5 Dangerous Myths That Harm Animals


There are over seven billion people living on Earth at this very moment. When you think of yourself as one in seven billion, it is easy to feel as if your actions or choices are inconsequential when compared to those of every other living human; but, if you knew the future of over 20,000 species could potentially be impacted by the choices you make everyday, would you feel like your actions mattered?

 3. Why pesticides are so harmful to bees


New concerns have been raised on tests of pesticides that are harmful for bees, we explain how important an issue this is.

4. Wildlife ‘WikiLeaks’ targets Africa poaching elite


Poachers slaughtering Africa’s elephants and rhinos with impunity are often shielded from police by powerful connections, but a group of conservationists has turned to the anonymity of tip-offs to try to stem the killing. The founders of WildLeaks – a sort of WikiLeaks for the environment – say it is the first secure, online whistle-blowing platform dedicated to wildlife and forest crime.



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