Blue Lizard Adventures is not only about travel, tours, adventures breaks and volunteer projects.

There are many animals and plants in our eco systems which are becoming extinct. Some of the major threats are from habitat loss, climate change, use of toxic chemicals, pollution and natural phenomena’s such as earthquakes and volcanos. Animal conservation projects and wildlife conservation projects help us is conserving wildlife and habitats of the planet by making people understand the importance of each type of plant and each species of animals in the nature’s cycle. These projects help in protecting the endangered plants and animal species and their habitats. Animal conservation projects and wildlife conservation projects involve many activities in conserving biodiversity such as:

Maintenance of essential ecological processes and life-support systems
Preservation of genetic diversity that is flora and fauna
Sustainable utilisation of species and ecosystems.

Blue Lizard Adventures have taken up this task with great effort and enthusiasm. We offer the opportunity to self-funded volunteers who have a keen interest in conserving and preserving wildlife. Blue Lizard adventures organize trips across all over the globe through eco travel packages and tailor made tours. We give you the path to explore the best possible places and opportunities to fulfill your dream of being a part of environmental conservation project and conserving many different species of wildlife.

We are about wildlife and environmental conservation. One of our primary focuses and key aspects underpinning who we are and what we do, is it to raise awareness and funds for wildlife and environmental conservation.

All of our Volunteer projects have conservation and research as their basis, whether it is practical habitat conservation, environmental or wildlife research, direct animal care, rehabilitation and husbandry.

Practical conservation has obvious benefits, with an underlying principle that for an area to support wildlife it must be of an appropriate condition and aspects of previous human activity removed. In addition, we believe we have a duty to help restore areas of the environment back to a state of its forma glory.

“In the end we will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught.” – Baba Dioum

All of Blue Lizard Adventures tours, adventures, safaris and experiences have fundamental role in raising awareness/understanding and funding for wildlife and environmental conservation. All of our tour guides are extremely knowledgeable and care deeply about the environment which shows on all our adventures. We all abide by the age old saying:

“Take only photos and memories, leaving only footprints”

In addition, Blue Lizard Adventures is also supporting a number of wildlife and environmental conservation groups and organisations.

Our conservation partners are:

Wildlife Vets International

Endangered Wildlife Trust

Wild Futures

Mabula Ground Hornbill Project


Wildlife Vets International Wildlife Vets International


Wildlife Vets International (WVI) is a charity organisation established to provide skills training and veterinary support to conservation workers and projects. They provide veterinary services for conservation projects by training for staff working hands-on with endangered species and by a rapid response to conservation emergencies. The WVIs work is based around field projects on saving rare and endangered wildlife.

An important part of the work carried out by Wildlife Vets International is the education and training of people who live and work in the animals’ natural range. The training provides extra skills and contributes to sustainable, long-term solutions for preserving endangered species. WVI hope to improve the relationship between wild animals and the people with whom they share their world.

For more information about WVI and their work also with other animal species please visit the
Wildlife Vets International web page.

You can help by donating directly to the WVI – JustGiving account or by general donations to
Blue Lizard Adventures which is then split between all our conservation partners.


The Endangered Wildlife Trust


The Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) is dedicated to conserving threatened species and ecosystems in southern Africa to the benefit of all people.

As one of South Africa’s leading biodiversity conservation organisations, the EWT is striving to facilitate the protection and sustainable use of key ecosystems. The EWT has a cohesive and integrated approach to the conservation of species, habitats and ecosystem processes and we therefore focus much of our work on protecting both threatened species and habitats. Successful conservation thus means protecting the habitats that support species – and human beings – and in this way entire ecosystem, communities and socio-economic structures reap the benefits.

The EWT believes that sustainable conservation requires inclusive approaches, to not only address biodiversity objectives, but also the interests of the people and industries relying on the ecosystems services. This we do by developing innovative and adaptive conservation and management solutions, aligned and compatible with the broader economic and social imperatives of the region.

For more information about EWT and their work, please visit the Endangered Wildlife Trusts web page.

You can help by donating directly to the membership and donate pages or by general donations to Blue Lizard Adventures which is then split between all our conservation partners.


Wild Futures


Wild Futures is a UK registered charity founded upon almost five decades of experience as a leader in the field of primate welfare and conservation, environmental education, and sustainable practice.

Wild Futures is committed to protecting primates and habitats worldwide.

Their flagship project, The Monkey Sanctuary in Cornwall, has an international reputation for the quality of care, enclosure design and innovative management techniques afforded the monkeys there. Open to the public for seven months a year, the Sanctuary offers a unique insight into primate conservation and welfare issues.

Wild Futures is dedicated to:

  • Promoting the welfare and conservation of primates
  • Conserving and restoring natural habitats in the UK and abroad through funding support, education and sustainable practices
  • Working to end the trade in primates for any purpose and abuse of primates in captivity
  • Offering a home for life to primates in need of rescue and rehabilitation

For more information about Wild Futures and their work, please visit The Wild Futures web page.

You can help by donating directly to the Wild Futures – JustGiving account or by general donations to Blue Lizard Adventures which is then split between all our conservation partners.


The Mabula Ground-Hornbill Project

ground hornbill resized

The charismatic Southern Ground-Hornbill (SGH, Bucorvus leadbeateri) is a bird that many people already know well. They are culturally important as the ‘thunder’ or ‘rain’ birds and are a flagship species for the savannah biome (along with cheetah, white rhino and several vulture species).

At present, Southern Ground-Hornbills are considered internationally as ‘Vulnerable’ throughout their range in Africa by the IUCN, but within South Africa they have been classified as ‘Endangered’, with their numbers outside of formally protected areas are still declining. It is even likely that the birds will soon meet the IUCN Red Data List Criteria as being ‘Critically Endangered’ in South Africa.

The Mabula Ground-Hornbill Project is working to slow the decline by:

  • Harvesting and assisting the hand-rearing of redundant second-hatched chicks that dies of starvation in the wild nests.
  • Re-wilding of the hand-reared chicks by established groups in ‘bush’ training schools.
  • Reintroduction of these ‘rescued’ birds back into areas where they have become locally extinct, once the original threats in those areas have been mitigated.
  • Augmentation of non-viable groups in the wild.
  • Provision of artificial nests for wild groups with no or inadequate nests.
  • Research on genetics, behaviour and other important unanswered questions necessary for successful re-establishment.
  • Coordination of Awareness Campaigns, to educate the general public to the threats facing this flagship indicator species and to reinstate the bird into collective   memory in areas where it has become locally extinct.

For more information about The Mabula Ground-Hornbill Project and their work, please visit The Mabula Ground-Hornbill Project web page.

You can help by donating directly to The Mabula Ground-Hornbill Project –givengain account or by general donations to Blue Lizard Adventures which is then split between all our conservation partners.