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Environmental Round Up 6

A quick round up of some of the conservation and environmental stories this week: 1) A New Threat in the Serengeti to the World’s Greatest Animal Migration A planned highway in the national park could interfere with the annual wildebeest migration and promote poaching.   2) How technology is taking conservation science to the next […]

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9 Tips for planning your Gap Year Travels

Each year, thousands of people from all walks of life in the UK plan their gap year. This can be a very daunting task, however with the right planning, it can be the most exciting and rewarding experience you ever have. For many years now Blue Lizard Adventures has been assisting volunteers to realise and […]

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bee on a flower providing environments

Environmental Roundup 5

5 Myths That Feed Unethical Wild Animal Tourism Often due to lack of awareness, many unsuspecting tourists and locals fall into the trap of believing a holiday around sunny South Africa to “take in the big five” and other wildlife romps causes no harm. And in some cases, they believe that they may even […]

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