Responsible Travel

Blue lizard Adventures aim to minimise the effects on the planet by:
• Minimise paper usage, always use recycled paper and recycle any paper waste. Wherever possible send out information via email.
• Curb the company’s energy output by: using energy saving light bulbs, all electrical equipment is only used when necessary and always turned off when not in use. Heating is kept to a minimum.
• Off set carbon where possible.
• Promote education of sustainability, responsible travel and support conservation.
• Work with, advocate and promote projects that have close links with their local communities and support local schemes.
• Work with projects and companies of the same values.

Advice for the visitor on responsible travel:
• Reduce your carbon footprint by choosing the appropriate mode of transport.
• Off set some carbon emissions.
• Pack only essentials, many items can be bought or replaced.
• Turn off electrical items
• Eat seasonally and locally, thus reducing the energy cost of transportation and supports local traders.
• Carry one sturdy refillable water bottle instead of buying every day.
• Recycle plastic, glass and paper were possible
• Donate clothes, electronics, books and cosmetics to local charities and hostels

Carbon Off-Setting
As part of our determined plan to promote responsible travel, we are part of Climate Care. Climate cares offers you the facility to offset carbon against the emission created by flying Carbon offsetting enables you to take responsibility for your emissions by paying somebody to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere on your behalf. Please visit their website for further details.