Frequently Asked Questions

You can find plenty of inspiration and information on our website. However, there is nothing better than a little personal direct consultation of our destination specialists. Therefore, if you cannot find the information you need, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions on info@bluelizardadventures.com

Do I need any specific skills to volunteer?
No. Placements are designed to accommodate all levels of skill and expertise. Volunteers usually find that regardless of any previous experience they have skills that can be imaginatively applied to the situation in hand. Many of our projects will provide any training required within the first few days after you have settled into your new surroundings. All that is asked is that volunteers approach their project with an open mind and plenty of enthusiasm.

What is life like as a volunteer?
Blue Lizard Adventures volunteers will be expected to be committed to the project they choose and work with staff and other volunteers to undertake the daily tasks of that particular programme. Although some tasks may be challenging, the schedules are structured to be enjoyable, fun and rewarding with allocated time off. Evenings are a great time for socialising and relaxing. Volunteer life is at worse good and at the best wonderful!

Why do I have to pay to volunteer and where does my money go?
All short term international volunteer programmes charge a fee that covers their operating expenses. However, most of the money goes directly to the particular project, helping to keep money in the host country, supporting local business and making a difference to the lives of the people, wildlife and the planet.
The local businesses and projects offering opportunities overseas have limited resources and are not able to subsidise the costs of housing, feeding, training, supervising and transporting volunteers.
Some people find their own placements, however, this can take a great deal of time to organise, and is not always safe. Paying to volunteer may at first seem a strange concept but take into account the amount of advance organisation involved, all accommodation, food and support provided from local staff, they are great value for money. Clients can embark on their trip knowing that they are guaranteed to be on a legitimate project that really helps the local people, environment and wildlife. Blue Lizard Adventures takes great care in placing and supporting its volunteers overseas.

How can I fundraise for my project fee?
For some the costs of embarking on a project or tour are not feasible. All is not lost, fundraising and seeking financial support can often seem a daunting prospect; interestingly, for many, the process of raising the necessary funds can to be extremely satisfying and often great fun

There are so many fundraising opportunities. Below are some ideas that have been successful for other volunteers:

  • Gaining sponsorship from friends and relatives for an event i.e. sponsored swim, fun run, walk or bike ride.
  • Organising a raffle, or prize draw.
  • Organise a car boot sale or coffee morning.
  • Sell homemade biscuits or cakes.
  • Approach a local newspaper or radio station to publicise the adventure.
  • Make a personal approach to local companies.
  • Research and approach charitable organisations that support deserving causes or approach organisations offering grants.
  • Good Luck and have fun

What are my companions going to be like?
People from all over the world and from all walks of life want to experience what Blue Lizard Adventures has to offer. There is no maximum age limit and while the average age is 18 to 35, the number of 30-plus are increasing as more people discover and travel.

How do we pay for any optional activities?
A list of optional activities will be provided for individual tours and projects. These will need to be paid for locally; more information will be available in the host country, with all our guides and project staff happy to help. Passengers can participate in as many or as few as they wish.

How do I book and then what will happen?

  • First, having looked at the website decides upon the right project. The Blue Lizard team is always extremely happy to discuss and enquires and guide you through.
  • Contact Blue Lizard Adventures by email, with any enquires or details of the project or tour required. Availability will then be checked and a place reserved.
  • An application form will then be sent or emailed to you to be filled in and sent back to us.
  • A non-refundable deposit of £180 must be paid to secure any booking. This can be done by bank transfer, further details given.
  • Please note that if booking within two months of the date of travel full payment will be required.
  • An email to confirm the booking and confirmation of the deposit payment will be sent.
  • A comprehensive pre-departure pack will be sent electronically or through the post to and an invoice for the balance of the project fee that will need to be paid 8 weeks before the departure date will follow.

What support does Blue Lizard Adventures Travel provide?
Blue Lizard is committed to ensuring that all its customers are supported and looked after throughout their experience.

Pre departure

  • All clients will receive an information pack relating specifically to their booking.
  • Any enquires regarding medical and health issues; Blue Lizard has their very own in-house doctor, Joseph Turner. Inquiries can include necessary immunisations, malaria medications and medical travel kits. Please note: clients in addition are always advised to consult with their own doctor.
  • Blue Lizard staff are always available to answer any questions no matter how big or small that clients may have.

During the Trip

  • The local project leaders, coordinators and tour guides offer outstanding support and guidance throughout your time in the host country.
  • The UK Blue Lizard team will always be on hand any problems.

Post Departure

  • Blue Lizard Adventures team will contact all customers on their return to check that all went well and receive feedback.

What should I pack?
Every pre-departure pack will include a comprehensive list and lists are also available on the website. However, here are a few recommended items to start everyone off:

  • Copies of all important documents
  • Medical prescriptions;
  • First Aid Kit;
  • Backpack and small day pack;
  • Walking boots and sandals/flip flops;
  • Insect repellent
  • Sun protection, after-sun;
  • Hat;
  • Sunglasses;
  • Waterproof jacket;
  • Warm clothing;
  • Light weight clothing;
  • Swim wear
  • Towel;
  • Mobile phone (enabled for roaming) and charger;
  • IPod;
  • Books or magazines;
  • Journal and pens;
  •  Head Torch/Hand held torch;
  • Camera, batteries, extra memory cards;
  • Sleeping bag

What are the start dates or start days for the projects?

What about visas?

  • Blue Lizard Adventures will advise to the best of their knowledge, however, we strongly recommend visiting the countries consulate website for further details.

Do I need insurance?

  • Absolutely Yes! Blue Lizard Adventures requires that all clients have full comprehensive insurance before embarking on your travels and will require insurance details before confirmation is given. For those of you living in the UK we are partnered with Endsleigh Insurance to offer you great, affordable packages. Click here for more information.