‘Useful Travel Tips’

  • Do a little research into the country you are visiting. Know the highlights and hotspots.
  • Learn a few key phrases in the local language. A little respect goes a long way in promoting goodwill!
  • Be aware of local taboos, follow the examples of your guides on dress and behaviour.
  • Be respectful of the local cultures and customs.
  • Be ethical when buying souvenirs. Please do not condone the selling of illegal and unethical animal products such as ivory, tortoiseshell and animal skins. If you are not sure of the origins be mindful before purchasing.

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  • Bargain fairly, with respect to the seller. The perfect deal is where neither party feels ripped off and you have engaged in a social custom with ease and good nature.
  • Be careful in hot climates drinking too much alcohol it can have a stronger affect and exaggerate dehydration.
  • Be safe – avoid unlit places after dark, stay in groups. Be aware of any areas that are known for trouble.
  • Carry two wallets. One normal one that is kept hidden and one which only has a little money and a few out of date cards or cards which are replicable i.e. store cards. In the event you need to, you can hand over the dummy wallet.
  • In many developing areas keep expensive items hidden to avoid temptation from pickpockets and thieves.
  • Always have copies of all your travel documents with you and leave ones with a family member at home.
  • Take a variety of payment methods and keep them separate in case they get lost.
  • Always register with the embassy in the country before leaving.
  • Tell you bank when and where you are going to avoid them from freezing your account.
  • Have some tissues or toilet roll with you, some public toilets in some countries do not have any or you need to buy some from the attendant.
  • Carry a small torch; you never know when the lights may go out!
  • Take a small first aid kit with the essentials i.e. plasters, bandages, pain killers, antiseptic, bite and sting cream, allergy tablets, travel sickness pills and diuretics.
  • Pack only essentials, you will be able to buy most cosmetic items in the host country (see packing list for more details.
  • Keep a journal, it is fantastic to read once back from your trip to remember all the memories.

keeping a journal on your travels