Where the Money Goes

All our volunteer placements are self-funded. We charge a volunteer fee in order to cover the costs of overseas volunteering and some of the costs of running our organisation in the UK. We always endeavor to keep the fees as low as possible, but we have to ensure that we can provide the high level of support and service that we pride ourselves on.

The organisations and projects that we work with do not receive any budget to cover volunteer costs and often struggle to fund their work, therefore, it is very important that the costs of supporting volunteers is covered and does not jeapordise the projects sustainability or their ability to carry out their charitable work.

funding for safaris and volunteering

Cost Breakdown

Project Fees (Minimum of 75%)

  • All accommodation, meals and where indicated transport to and from your chosen project
  • 24 hour support for volunteers before, during and after the stay in-country
  • Donations to projects

Volunteer and Project Management (10%)

  • Project development – sourcing and vetting placements
  • Maintaining and supporting projects
  • Managing each volunteer application
  • Volunteer support throughout

Volunteer Recruitment (10%)

  • Website development and maintenance
  • Online and offline marketing

Communications (5%)

  • Communications – postage, internet and telephone charges
  • Bank charges
  • To protect against cost rises and exchange rate change


Cost Breakdown