We did a world journey for half a year. We loved the entire trip but Naankuse was the best part! We spent two weeks as medical volunteers in the lifeline clinic wich provides free medical treatments to the local San (Bushmen) people. We loved the interaction with the locals and the feeling we really could contribute here… The next three weeks we spent at the wildlife conservation project. We fell in love with the place and especially the animals. The baby baboons with their little nappies and sweet sounds really stole our heart. We will be back! Peter – The Netherlands

Beautiful, interesting, friendly – what’s not to love – Anne – UK

The best Time of my life – Dirk – Germany

A great initiative – Willem – South Africa

Simply superb – Hannah – UK

A wow-factor in the bush – Paula – Ireland

Upon arrival in Namibia myself and a friend stayed at the lodge the first night before heading to the farm for volunteer work ( I stayed there for 4 weeks ). The staff were INCREDIBLY friendly and understanding. The food was superb ! The price for staying the night was great as well. I can’t get over how beautiful this place is! There is wildlife outside your rooms window every morning ( and night!! ) and don’t get me started talking about the view because I don’t know if i’ll be able to start talking! 🙂  – Stacy – Canada

Very special place, great experience – Daniel – New Zealand

A hidden gem: a rare combination of Namibian wildlife and San culture, in comfortable surroundings and a wild setting. – Aran – USA

Fantastic place to relax and learn – Lisa – Netherlands

Very wild and close to the city –Patricia – Portugal

Equestrain Rehabilitation Centre

Hazel – 2013 – UK

“Everything to do with my trip has been excellent; Blue Lizard Adventures provided so much information that I felt fully informed before I went. If I ever had a question, they were easy to get in contact with and always had a reply by the next day at the latest. The project itself was amazing with great people and you were made to feel very welcome.

This project is truly amazing, the work they do with the horses is incredible and you can tell straight away how much they love all of their horses and how much you do make a difference and help them for however long you’re there. Although I was only there for 2 weeks I felt like I made a valuable contribution, even if it was just mixing feed or grooming some of the farm horses.

There wasn’t really a typical day, but every day was great fun regardless of what you did. The rides along the beach are just amazing, with the possible bonus of seeing dolphins or wales. Every day you are in the kitchen for 7am to have breakfast, then all of the farm horses get fed. If there is a ride then you’d go to Cintsa to get the horses ready and give them breakfast. Once the clients arrived you’d help them get on and off you go. When you get back from the ride, you help to untack and take the horses back to their field and return to the farm for some lunch.

After lunch you might groom or work with the youngsters or mix feed, but there’s always something to do. If there isn’t a ride then you might work with some of the horses in the morning and groom in the afternoon. At around half 4 or 5 it’s time to feed the horses again, so it’s another trip to Cintsa to feed and check on the horses there after the farm horses have had their dinner. Once all the horses have been fed, there is some time to wind down and relax before dinner.

Dinner is normally around 7 and afterwards you can relax in the house and chat to Penny, George or whoever is around, or you can go and watch some tv in the flat before bedtime, that is unless there is a trip to Buccs, where you can go and enjoy a drink and some great company. If there is any spare time then you can play with the dogs or go and make friends with the horses.

It isn’t all work and no play, pizza nights are great fun as well as the nights spent at Buccs. Everyone makes you feel so welcome as soon as you arrive and if you have any problems or queries George and Penny were more than willing to listen or to explain something, all you need to do is ask and maybe bribe them with tea!

I would recommend this project to anyone who loves horses and wants to meet some lovely people along the way. I think the most rewarding thing was working with so many different horses and being given the opportunity to learn so much about them and their stories to see how far they have come.

What did you find most challenging?
There is quite a lot to learn all at once when you first arrive, but you easily get into it and if you’re ever stuck there are plenty of people to ask.

What advice would you give to others considering doing this project?
I would advise them to enjoy the whole experience and get fully involved with everything that goes on around the farm to get the best experience possible.

Why do you think others should volunteer abroad?
It offers an amazing opportunity to get involved with something you are passionate about and opens your eyes to other cultures and how they do things and solve the same problems we face in different ways.

Why did you choose Blue Lizard Adventures and would you recommend us to others?
Yes! It is a great organisation and I liked how so much of the money they receive through donations etc go directly to the project.”

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