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Fredrik Huth Jensen – Tanzania


Fredrik Huth Jensen was born in Stavanger, Norway in 1984. Since he was a child he longed for the

open plains of Africa. Spending hours watching wildlife and nature documentaries, the day finally came and he flew to South Africa. Here, Fredrick met Greg (Mitch) Mitchell, a person who has greatly influenced him. It was at Mitch’s place in South Africa, a

small private Wildlife Sanctuary, were he started his training. Doing several jobs at the wildlife sanctuary, one of the main influential tasks was the anti-poaching patrols. Born was the idea of starting up his own business to help stop the waste of wildlife.

He completed his Field guiding and Game ranger course in South Africa, attaining FGASA’s level 1 certificate. Fredrick then travelled the world for a while, living in Malaysia for a year studying the wildlife of the Mangrove forests, and also worked back in Norway as an auxiliary nurse. He has also been on the Norwegian version of the TV – show SURVIVOR.

Finally making the move to Tanzania in 2010, where he started his own tour company. Proceeds from which go into funding an anti-poaching project with the vision to educate and incentivise the poachers to become wildlife wardens. Fredrick’s family has always supported him which is not always the easiest when having Tarzan as a son!!