Meet the Team


Susan Brown

For as long as I can remember, I had wanted to do something exciting in my life, but it also needed to be something that I believed would be rewarding. So, in 2014, after many years in the insurance industry the time had finally come for me to pursue a long held dream – to travel and to work with wildlife. After completing my research my decision was made. I turned my back on insurance and headed to South Africa for five months, volunteering at the Vervet Monkey Rehabilitation and Wildlife Care Farm. It was to be the experience of a lifetime; rewarding in so many ways. And I never looked back.

My main concern was, am I too old for this? and the answer – no. I had the opportunity to work alongside people of al ages, from all walks of life, and from all over the world. People who cared passionately about what they were doing. Friendships were built over a love for wildlife, and bonding during team work. I made some great new friends for life.

When I returned home to the UK, I knew two things for sure. That I would definitely be returning to South Africa and, more importantly, that in some way I wanted to be able to help to support organisations such as this in the valuable work they do. This dream finally became a reality for me in 2016, when the opportunity arose to take over Blue Lizard Adventures, an organisation originally founded in 2011, based on strong moral codes and ethics.

Blue Lizard Adventures’ aim is to make these amazing experiences as accessible as possible by offering affordable prices, whilst providing a first rate service, to many volunteers of all ages and backgrounds.