About Us

Blue Lizard Adventures is a leading conservation and travel organisation providing ethical, inspiring and worthwhile volunteering and travel opportunities in Southern Africa.

We work with long standing projects which we personally know personally and where genuine work is done to benefit local wildlife, communities and the environment.

We are passionate about giving all volunteers the opportunity to use their skills, time and enthusiasm to projects making a real difference.

What Makes us Different?

  • Volunteering specialists – we focus primarily on volunteering abroad. WE have all been volunteers on the projects and it is what what we are passionate about.
  • Personally hand-picked volunteer projects and tours/safaris – Each opportunity has been hand-selected, visited and continuously assessed. We have developed strong relationships with all the teams and work closely with the fantastic projects. 
  • We give a detailed explanations of where your money goes – A minimum of 75% of your money goes directly to the project fees.
  • Our small friendly team has a wealth of expertise with overseas volunteering, travel and customer service. We have volunteered abroad and pride ourselves on our project knowledge.
  • We have a strong Conservation moral and ethic – All of our projects are chosen for their amazing work in their field. We work with and support a number of conservation projects outside our volunteer projects all around the world. In addition, we are very active at raising awareness of environmental and wildlife conservation issues and provide free information via a environmental daily magazine.
  • Responsible volunteering approach – We work with and support sustainable volunteering projects that have positive impacts on local wildlife, communities and the environment. For further information on this see our Responsible Travel section. 
  • Constant support throughout the volunteering and travel journey – We will assist you in all preparations, offer 24 hour  support while you are away and then to contact you for feedback on your return. 



How did it all Start?

Blue Lizard Adventures was originally founded in 2011. The dream was to create an ethical and moral based company providing projects and experiences abroad which only do REAL conservation and do not support unethical practices.

In 2013, after many years in the insurance industry, I made the decision to leave and pursue a long held dream. For so many years I had dreamed of working with monkeys, and this seemed the perfect time to pursue this dream. After some research I chose the Vervet Monkey Rehabilitation and Wildlife Care Farm. And in 2014 I headed to South Africa for five months.

I witnessed the struggle it is for these non-profit organisations who rely on paying volunteers to keep doing the amazing work they do. Dedicated people giving everything they have to rehabilitate these animals and ensure they get their second chance.

I also had the most amazing time. I had the opportunity to work closely with wildlife, and to better understand the environment they live in and the difficulties faced.

I knew that when I got home I wanted to do something to support these important programmes in the valuable work they do. After returning home from South Africa following a second visit in 2015 that opportunity arose, and finally in 2016 I took over Blue Lizard Adventures.

Blue Lizard Adventures’ aim is to make these amazing experiences accessible at affordable prices, and through Blue Lizard Adventures ALL of our volunteering programmes receive a minimum of 75% of the project fee.